What I learned from rejection: Looking for a NO could find you a YES

Today I was challenged to be rejected as an exercise in personal growth. The exercise consisted of identifying some asks that could end in rejection such as:

Asking a friend to do something unusual for you.

Ask a free service

Ask for a salary raise

etc etc etc …

The goal is to feel comfortable with the fear of rejection.

It is an exercise inspired by Jia Jiang’s TED talk. “What I learned during 100 days of being rejected”

The challenge was to dare to fail. To receive a NO for an answer.

This exercise was super difficult for me.

The hardest thing was framing a challenge to get no. I couldn’t think of anything. Finally it occurred to me to ask for a discount on a design course that I want to do.

The design school repeated on its website that they did not give discounts several times. So I was very surprised when I decided to use them to get my NO, thinking that they would not give me any discount, and they responded with various discount options. 😅 I mean I got a -> Yes

How because I got a YES I needed another challenge. Then I realized that a package of strawberries that I bought on Monday (two days ago) had gone rotten. I decided something unusual for me, I was going back to the market where I bought it to see if I could change it for a new packet of strawberries. I was sure they would say NO because: I had already eaten 2 strawberries and I did not have the purchase invoice. A sure NO. To my greatest surprise I got another -> YES

What I learned from this exercise:

– It was very difficult to find ideas to obtain NO ‘s because I am always looking for the YES.

-When I change my attitude and look for NO, my mind comes up with ideas (ask for more discounts or changes without an invoice) that I normally don’t do.

– When I asked about these things I had to negotiate a bit or give extra information. I found that trading makes me feel SUPER uncomfortable !!! And I always look for the safest option.

In general, excellent exercise in self-discovery !!!

I will continue to implement it with more ideas. 😍😬

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